Without us even realizing it, smartphones have taken over our lives. Most of us can’t go much longer than 10 minutes before we check our phones and if we find ourselves without the device, we can feel more than a little lost. There was a time, however, before smartphones even existed Hong Kong tour.

Before smartphones took over our lives, we actually watched concerts with our eyes. Now, seeing anything that isn’t framed by a miniature screen just feels wrong.Dating without the help of the smartphone was a very real and painful situation. The sheer terror of actually having to approach a real person, in real life, is utterly unthinkable and we can all let out a sigh of relief for the invention of dating apps.

Before access to online maps was a regular part of our world, we faced the very real danger of getting lost and having no idea how to get out. The fact that more of us didn’t vanish off the face of the earth is frankly a miracle.If we wanted to express how we felt to another person, we had to go to all of the effort of finding real CDs and somehow, recording all of the best bits onto another blank disc. That was love. Now, we’re just all a bit lazy travel trade exhibitions.

If we wanted to call our beloved out of the blue, we had to commit their digits to memory. The fact that we managed to memorize all of our essential numbers is an incredible feat and should be celebrated.If you wanted to find out more about a weird spot on your back, or look into a trashy celebrity’s early life, you normally just let it go. Finding out information required a lot of effort and unless you really wanted the truth, you normally forgot all about it.

A trip to the toilet used to be a blank spot in the day. With nothing to look at but white walls and the ground, most of us took up thumb twiddling as a bathroom pastime poly hotel management.