Since google quit the mainland, baidu has reached at an unprecedentedly unmatched era. It operates that no one else could compete its absolute dominance in search engine. Meanwhile, no more competitive services provided to users. That is not a surprise to hear of the tragedy about the medical accident happened recently. The case, of which the young man at his twenty something used baidu to find a so called ideal hospital in Beijing with public trust which climes the ability to heal and alleviate his incurable illness-synovial sarcoma (I do not know what exact the disease is before this case), died of spread of malignant cells after receiving its treat.

A young man sank into misery and later found the hope, whose family borrowed huge amount money for this treatment, but finally ended up life with anger, desperation and sorrow. The hospital under the hypocritical shield declares the imported advanced foreign high bio-tech is the efficient method to treat the poor guy. It turns out that the bio-tech is nothing but a failure dumped by foreign study and research organization; meanwhile is revealed the medical service has been outsourced to unqualified private institution. The search engine refuse to admit its sin as it only offers the search results for users seo company . The fact is the deliberate manipulation of intervening on the search result. As long as the higher price of anybody paid, the more frequently it would be displayed in the front page. No screening, money says the result. And the regulator always comes out to claim for responsibility of investigation after those things happened yet cannot bring a satisfied judgement. How much and huge the profits hid behind the scene? We just do not know.

This is not the first time we hear of such a case from baidu, while this is the worse one happened so far. Probably and usually, there would be another tragedy happen in the near future. And the current case is likely going to be vanished and faded away in public till the next one causes people’s unease. Apart from the censorship from bureaucracy and negligence which results in the bloody murder, we see human nature is naked and exposed to the public. Not only baidu, but also the regulator, those related hospitals are all guilty. Money sells their souls out, leaves them only the skeleton Red wine cellar.

The ordinary people are only nothing but like an ant paled to compete multiple interests groups. I only pray and hope that my sin would be forgiven. At least, please, do not commit crime.

Very few singles have ever gone through life without having a friend, relative or coworker try to set them up on a blind date. While a blind date is sometimes referred to as a 'first impression' date, people shouldn't associate so much pressure with a blind date. While it is always a good idea to look nice on any first date including a blind date, it is far more important for people to be themselves. If a person is seriously looking for a person to have a relationship with, they are not going to want to attract a person for pretend behavior and unnatural looks Dream beauty pro.

Committing to a blind date doesn't have to be a frightening thing and avoiding blind dates altogether could mean a person could be missing out on meeting someone very special. Since someone a person knows sets up most blind dates, they are more likely to be able to connect two people with similar interests and ideas. While physical chemistry is impossible to predict, a blind date set up by someone who has some knowledge about what two people have in common is a great starting point Dream beauty pro.

Once a person has committed to a blind date, they will want to limit the information they know ahead of time about the individual they will be going on a date with. The less a person knows about their blind date, the fewer preconceived expectations he or she can develop about the other person. Make the blind date a short date by having drinks or meeting for ice cream. If the blind date isn't destined to work out, the two people involved don't have to sit through a long, drawn out dinner or other extended activity in order to get to the end of the date without being rude.

Dress nicely for a blind date, but don't dress uncomfortably as it will be apparent to those around you including your date. While making a first impression can put a lot of pressure on a person, being yourself during a blind date is more important in getting to know each other. A person's sense of humor can be quite individual and not everyone will understand or 'get it' right away, so refraining from too many jokes during the first blind date can be beneficial. The most important thing to remember in trying to make a blind date a success no matter what is to keep an open mind throughout the entire experience Dream beauty pro.

It is impossible to overstate the importance of daily meditation. The benefits are enormous. They are: improved physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health; greater personal power, enhanced creativity, increased ability to enact ideals and an enhanced sense of purpose and well-being nu skin.

Meditation is the art of stilling the mind. Contemplation often gets confused with meditation; but contemplation is not meditation. Contemplation is focusing the mind, while meditation is stilling the mind.

The normal waking operation of the brain is in the Beta State, which limits learning ability and full brain function. In this normal waking Beta State, the brain wave frequency is between 15 and 75 cycles per second, averaging 25 cycles per second. The mind is busy with about 60,000 thoughts per day passing fleetingly through consciousness.

The first level of meditation is the Alpha State, which facilitates faster and more complete learning. In this meditative Alpha State, brain wave frequency is between 7 and 14 cycles per second. Your mind becomes stiller, calmer and less busy, less noisy so that your ability to learn new information is enhanced nu skin.

This Alpha State is often referred to as the Super Learning state by educators, or as The Zone by athletes, or The Groove by musicians and artists. Fewer thoughts occur but they are more focused and persistent.

Most people's experience with meditation is limited to this Alpha State; but there are two deeper states where the mind gets progressively stiller.

When deeper meditative states occur in the Theta State, brain wave frequency is between 4 to 6 cycles per second. You begin to achieve real stillness and silence, and joy is experienced as the mind achieves harmony with its source. The mind is considerably less busy in this Theta State with very few thoughts occurring; and those that do occur are laser focused, intentionally chosen and consciously recycled to create a recurring subconscious affirmation of maximum beingness.

Below Theta is the Delta State, in which brain wave frequency is below 4 cycles per second and can go as low as half a cycle per second. This is complete stillness and silence. It is in this state that a full transcendent consciousness or what some have called cosmic consciousness or divine consciousness is achieved. It is a state of bliss and powernu skin.

It often takes a lifetime of practice to attain this Delta State, but occasionally individuals are propelled into it 'by accident' and have inspirational, transcendent experiences that are almost impossible to describe. It is similar to a NDE or near death experience, which coincidently, is also characterized by no, or very little, brain wave activity.

Most people's minds operate like a hyper-kinetic, unruly, two-year-old child having practically no attention span and no apparent focus. Practicing meditation techniques will empower you to become more focused, more mentally powerful and more able to create a successful and happy life. Even if you only ever attain the Alpha State in your meditations, you will be healthier, happier, more purposeful and more capable of creating the life you desire to have for yourself.