Holiday firms including Virgin, Expedia, Lastminute and Sandals Resorts have been criticised after a Which? investigation into “hurry” deals that the consumer group said duped holidaymakers into paying hundreds of pounds over the odds.

Which? said holiday firms may be breaking the law with adverts portraying a deal as a time-limited bargain “when in fact it is nothing of the sort”. It found that some “sale” deals were frequently the same price after the sale period ended, and some became cheaper LPG M6.

Which? cited an all-inclusive holiday to Jamaica for £1,465 per person promoted by Sandals in its summer 2018 “mega sale”. “The day after the sale ended, the price dropped by £50 per person. The lower price continued to run for another week after the sale ended – no need to hurry after all,” Which? said.

“Its Halloween promotion followed immediately after, with another seven days added to the countdown clock. The upmarket travel company seemingly runs 60%-off promotions back to back under various guises.”

The Sandals website is currently promoting a “flash sale” that tells buyers: “Hurry, ends 8 January.” It says holidaymakers can save up to 55%, and a countdown clock is displayed in a corner of the page.

A spokesperson for Unique Caribbean Holidays, the operator of Sandals Resorts, said the company did not intentionally create false book-by dates, and price fluctuations were sometimes based on airfares that it did not control.

“For example, when we have flash sales we have a specific date which normally ties in with an air offer expiry date. When we have extended a flash sale it is normally when an airline has extended a special air offer. The categories that have the discounts of up to 60% fluctuate throughout the year, therefore we are not misleading customers,” it said LPG M6.

Which? also found:

In’s “flash sale”, a night’s stay at a Paris hotel with flights from London was discounted to £139 if holidaymakers booked by 23 August. “The following day, the same night’s stay at the same hotel fell to £126. The lower price was still available a week later,” Which? said.
The Virgin “holiday sale” offered seven nights in a Florida hotel at £792 a person if booked by 17 August. “The day after the sale, the same dates had dropped to £677 per person – a £230 saving for two people sharing. A week later, the package increased to £682 per person, but this was still cheaper than the sale price.”
Expedia offered two nights in Paris for £404 in its “flash sale”. Which? said: “A day after the sale ended, the same dates in September went up to £628. However, a fortnight later, a new 40%-off promotion was running and the same stay was available for £382 – £22 cheaper than the sale price.”
The Which? investigation tracked time-limited deals over three weeks in July and August 2017 and found that in 16 out of 30 cases the same offer was available for the same price or cheaper after the deal had ended.

Which? said it had shared its findings with Trading Standards and the Advertising Standards Authority.

Rory Boland, the travel editor of Which?, said: “Our investigation shows that most of the time-limited deals we looked at are nothing of the sort. The tight deadlines, emotive language and countdown clocks are all designed to rush us into making a decision, but it might not be the right one.

“Don’t be fooled – compare prices with other holiday companies and travel agents to check savings are genuine.”

A Virgin Holidays spokesperson told Which? it would never intentionally advertise anything misleading. It said: “We’re always looking to secure the best possible value for our customers – and should we be able to obtain better offers from our suppliers, these savings will be passed on to benefit the customer,This eye-opening tour brings visitors to meet the old masters and tailors of traditional handicrafts in hong kong tailor and learn about their stories.” responded to the Which? investigation by saying it aimed to comply with all advertising regulations. “It is not, and never has been, our intention to mislead our customers,” a spokesperson said.

Expedia thanked Which? for raising the issues it found in the investigation and said it would look into them.

When the weather starts to warm up and the days get longer, we are all drawn outdoors to enjoy the sun. Many will recall seemingly endless hours outdoors, soaking up the sun's rays without a care.

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I’m guessing you know who you would like to take the last shot. Every team has their own fan favorite superstar. Whether your sport of choice is basketball or another sport, we all know how great athletes look and are aware of the mindset they embody. If you were to list the mental characteristics, it would read something like: motivated, determined, courageous, resilient, focused, and so on.

Would you like to embody some of these qualities? I bet you would. The truth is, there is no reason you can’t. That’s exactly what the field of sport and performance psychology does. It teaches athletes and everyday people how to harness their inner mental toughness. Performance psychology is a key component in my work with athletes, performers, and executives. On some level everyone is an athlete, perhaps your sport just happens to be financial trading, or making million dollar sales, or writing a best-seller.  We all have an arena in which we strive to be a superstar. We can all take something from sport psychology to jump-start our performance Hublot big bang.

Here are 5 easy to follow strategies you can begin to use today to unleash your inner athlete.

1. Know your endgame
In sport, as in life, one of the biggest keys is knowing the end result you want and having a crystal clear vision of where you want to go. It’s very difficult to go after something if you don’t know what it is you’re going after. The more detailed and vivid your goal, the better. While goal-setting is nothing new, it’s a very powerful tool when done consistently. The field of sport and performance psychology has done some of the most rigorous research on goal-setting of all fields. We’ve demonstrated positive results of setting goals time and time again.

Knowing your endgame will not only increase your motivation, but also help you delay gratification. Once you know where you want to go, start breaking your long-term goals down into manageable daily actions that are process-focused. Great athletes focus on what they can control. Setting daily action-packed goals will help you stay focused on what you can do to ensure your long-term results come into fruition hong kong hotel price.

2. Train and refine
Perhaps you’ve heard “if it were easy, everyone would do it.” This is so true! If you want your goals to turn into a reality there will typically be a price to pay. Almost every world-class performer I have worked with and researched has trained exceptionally hard to get to the top. When pursuing your goals, expect there to be hard work, expect tough choices, and expect there to be a price to pay.  The more you put into your training, the better your results will be down the line. The hard work you do now will prepare you for the future, especially if you map out your goals and make an intelligent plan for how to get there. Perhaps, your hard work isn’t training extra hours in the gym. Maybe it’s making extra sales calls or getting additional education instead. Persevere!

The caveat to working hard though, is just working hard isn’t usually enough. If what you’re doing isn’t working then learn and modify. All great athletes are flexible, knowing how to change their strategy to get to the end result. This is crucial to improvement. Training hard won’t always be enough to get you to the promise land. You need to train hard and train smart.

3. Seek experts and great coaching
There’s two paths to achievement: sometimes you create your own path, and sometimes you use the path of others to help guide you. Devising a success plan on your own can be challenging. Sometimes, you need another perspective, like someone who has either gotten to where you want to go or who is an expert. This is why coaching and mentorship can be so valuable. Every top athlete has sought advice and wisdom at one point or another. Coaching can speed up your learning curve. It also gives you an opportunity to make less mistakes and learn from the mistakes you make.

4. Embrace every experience Meet New Friends.
World champion athletes embrace the positive as well as the negative. They build confidence from their successes and learn from their challenges. It’s no secret we work hard and compete to experience wins and successes. So, when one of those successes comes – enjoy it!

Unfortunately, to experience winning means you have to put yourself out there and make yourself susceptible to losing. The good news is, the majority of top athletes admit they learn more from their mistakes then from their triumphs. To become a top performer in your field, you need to cultivate a perspective toward learning and growing. You can’t always be in control of what happens to you, but you can control the meaning you take from an experience. There will be times when the results don’t go your way and you experience setbacks. The way you respond to these setbacks will help determine when you reach your long-term goals, so learn to respond appropriately. Next time you experience a setback ask yourself, “What is the lesson here? What can I learn from this?”

5. Develop a winning mindset
A winning mindset can be described as motivated, engaged, resilient, confident, and focused. There are many strategies and principles to developing these characteristics and attributes. The truth is these skills can be learned and enhanced. A central component to the field of sport and exercise psychology is helping to develop these attributes by teaching skills like relaxation, visualization and imagery, thought-management, focus-enhancement, as well as many others.